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Are you a cardo SHO-1 user and an Apple user? If yes, this is your lucky day!  From now on you can download (for free!) and enjoy the Cardo SmartSet app iOS version on-the-go with your cardo SHO-1 motorcycle Bluetooth communication system.

sho-1 cardo smartset app

Why Cardo SmartSet app?

The app, which has already proven to be super popular among Android users, allows cardo SHO-1 riders with Apple devices to configure SHO-1 settings when out riding. This includes:

• Enable / disable spoken status announcements

• Enable / disable Click-to-Link®

• Preset your 6 FM radio stations

• Enable / Disable RDS for the FM Radio

• Change VOX Operation Mode between Intercom / Voice Command

• Adjust AGC (Automatic Gain Control) sensitivity levels for the speakers

• Adjust VOX (Voice Command) sensitivity levels for the microphone

• Manage A2DP audio / Intercom Priorities

How to download it?

The Cardo SmartSet app is available FREE for download on the App Store on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Before downloading the App, you need to make sure that you are running the latest cardo SHO-1 firmware (Version 1.3) – available for download via the Cardo Community. If you are currently enjoying the Android version of the SmartSet App, you will need to update your unit via the Cardo Community to continue using the App.

Speak another language other than English? No problem! The App is available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese too.

Got a question? Don’t be shy, contact our app support team by sending an email to:

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