WebBikeWorld on new Cardo SmartSet App – “A real asset to Cardo scala rider G9 owners”

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wbwThe exclusive Cardo SmartSet Android™ app has already grabbed the attention of the media appearing in an extensive review on the well-known WebBikeWorld motorcycle news website.

According to the site: “The Cardo scala rider G9 remains Cardo’s flagship product, used by many (many) enthusiasts. And with the release of the Cardo SmartSet Android app for the G9, another positive feature has been added to its long list of capabilities…The Cardo SmartSet app is easy to install, configure and use. The menus, interactive buttons and tabs are well thought out, nicely placed and intuitive to use…just like it all should be.”

Web Bike World also added: “This experience has been a positive one. The Cardo SmartSet app is an excellent and timely addition to the Cardo Scala Rider tool suite and it will be a real asset to Cardo G9 owners who are also Android-based mobile device users.”

For the full review: click here

cardo smartset android app for scala rider users Do you own a scala rider G9 and use an Android mobile device? If you haven’t done so already, upgrade your G9 software via the Cardo Community, download the new Cardo SmartSet app free on Google Play and configure your G9 settings on-the-go, wherever you are!

Using the Cardo SmartSet app, you can easily configure your G9 settings, including:

•Enable/disable spoken status announcements, RDS, VOX, Click-to-Link®

•Preset your 6 FM radio stations

•Change VOX Operation Mode

•Adjust AGC and VOX sensitivity levels

•Customize Hot Dial

•Choose device language

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Download it now, free on Google Play!

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