scala rider Q-Series receives 5 star rating from WebBikeWorld

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Back in May 2013, we launched the all-new scala rider Q-Series and introduced the exclusive Music Sharing™ technology to the motorcycling industry for the first time. The scala rider Q-Series has since been rapidly adopted by motorcycle riders all around the world enjoying its many communication and entertainment features as well as its new and sleek design.

We would like to share with you a comprehensive review published this month by the leading motorcycle website, WebBikeWorld on the scala rider Q1 and Q3. After thoroughly examining the two systems, WebBikeWorld defined 9 of the biggest benefits Q1 and Q3 users can enjoy using the advanced systems:

  • Stylish and smaller modules.
  • Modularity of components.
  • Retail kits are impressively packaged.
  • Best AGC in the business.
  • Ultra-reliable audio source stability and switching.
  • Music-Sharing is an excellent new feature.
  • Voice announcement menu is informative and minimalistic.
  • Device registration and online interface is slick and easy to use.
  • Excellent pricing for premium Cardo systems.

Additionally, according to the review, “both the Q1 and Q3 intercoms reflect Cardo design elements from earlier legacy systems, while integrating leading-edge functions and technologies, resulting in a familiar form with just about all the “bells-and-whistles” sought by motorcyclists.”

WebBikeWorld also states that: “Cardo needs to take a bow for winning the “First Impressions Count” award. And everything packed in the re-useable Q1 TeamSet and Q3 MultiSet kit cases is first-rate. All of the components provide many different fitment options for most motorcycle helmets, and once installed, motorcyclists are bound to be even more impressed with how easy these intercoms are to use — even if they only skim through the instructions.”

For more information on the scala rider Q-Series products, click here and make sure to like the scala rider facebook page for more interesting updates!

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