Rob and Andy complete “Tour de Europe” in 31 days staying connected with the cardo BK-1 DUO

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Remember Rob and Andy from the UK? Back in June we wrote all about them and their bicycle challenge “Tour de Europe” from London to Istanbul in only 31 days to raise money for Cancer research.

Believe it or not, they did it!!

Using the cardo BK-1 DUO the entire time, the two friends successfully accomplished their goal arriving in Istanbul on July 1st after leaving London on June 1st and covering 5000 km across Europe.

“We made it. Just after 2pm we arrived at our final point on the Golden Horn in Istanbul after traversing the entirety of Europe. Thank you so much for the support we have received along the way and to all those that have donated so far. “ As posted on the “Tour de Europe” Facebook page on 01.07.13.

With the cardo BK-1 DUO mounted on their helmets, Rob and Andy were able to share their riding experience like never before, stay connected at all times and keep safe too. They were able to warn each other of hazards in the road, cheer each other on for mental support and most importantly, never loose connection even when the road and weather conditions got tough.

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