Alex Chacon Returns From 500 Day American Expedition Using the scala rider G9

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Imagine saying goodbye to your everyday live and mundane job, packing a bag, getting on your bike, turning on your scala rider and going on an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, motorcycle journey across Central and South America?

Sounds like a dream? This is exactly what Alex Chacon, 25 years old from Texas did.

As a true adventure addict and motorcycle lover, Alex knew that before starting his doctoral studies, he had to take a break and go on a long, solo motorcycle trip. Starting in his hometown in Texas, he set out on a 130,000 km / 80,778 mile (!!) journey through Mexico and South America, all the way to the southern tip of Argentina and back again.

Starting January 2011, Alex spent a total of 500 days on the road, eventually arriving back home almost two years later. During his journey, he even supported a worthy cause raising money for the Children of Uganda.

From Texas to Argentina, Alex was able to keep in touch with his family and friends the entire time, listen to his favorite music and receive in-the-ear GPS instructions using the advanced scala rider G9 communication system for motorcycle riders. Although traveling without a partner, Alex was never really alone and always felt connected with the scala rider G9 only a phone call away from those he loved and missed.

Below are some magnificent pictures from his 500 day adventure that we had to share with you.

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