BK-1 cyclists win the Glocknerman ULTRA Bicycle Marathon!

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Congratulations to Joachim Ladler (1st place), Jacob Zurl (2nd place) and Manuel Geyer (3rd place) for winning the Glocknerman ULTRA Bicycle Marathon World Championship with their cardo BK-1 systems on their helmets! This years’ marathon witnessed a drama over places 2 & 3 as athlete Manuel Geyer arrived 3rd place only a minute after Zurl!

Through the breathtaking sceneries of the Austrian Alps, the three top cyclists from Austria successfully reached the Glocknerman ULTRA Bicycle Marathon World Championship finish line. The Marathon took place on June 6, 2013 covering a challenging route of almost 1 km at an altitude difference of 14,500 meters through the vast mountains of Austria.

All three cyclists were using the cardo BK-1 for communication and safety, they were able to stay connected during the difficult race and extreme weather conditions, sometimes well below 0*c degrees! Despite the very strong winds, the three athletes were even able to enjoy their favorite music in excellent audio quality to help keep up their moral.

According to Championship winner Joachim Ladler, The BK-1 was particularly useful to connect with his team members without having to slow down or jeopardize his leading place in the race and receive the support he needed when he needed it.

As in RAAM 2013, we are proud to see top professional cyclists using the cardo BK-1, benefiting from its features and of course, winning the race!!!

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