Congratulations! Christoph Strasser wins Race Across America 2013 using the cardo BK-1

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After 3000 tough miles (4800 km), 170,000 feet (51.8 km) of climbing and less than 8 days, ultra-cyclists Christoph Strasser from Austria arrived first at the finish line and won RAAM 2013!

Setting a new world record, Christoph was not alone. The cardo BK-1 communication system was mounted on his helmet the entire way, allowing a direct communication line between him and his team members.

This year’s race was tough and conditions were very difficult, especially during the last two days. Using the cardo BK-1, I was able to stay in constant contact with my team and receive mental support as I cycled such vast distances,” says the winner of RAAM 2013, Christoph Strasser. “The BK-1 was a valuable companion during the race, not only for communication but for safety, too.”


























The third-place finisher of RAAM 2013, Reto Schoch from Switzerland (first place winner in 2012) also used the cardo BK-1 during the race, as well as Marko Baloh (Slovenia / 5th place), Cassie Schumacher (1st place / under 50), Maria Parker (1st place / 50-59), Gerhard Gulewizc, Seana Hogan, Chris Ragsdale, Franz Preihs, James Meurig, Mike Wilson, C. Scott Ragsdale, Dennis Johnson.

In the Team Category, Team RAAM Cancer, Team Pedal Freeks, Team CT Challenge, Team Cork RAAM, Team Power, Pedals and Ponytails and Team CEO Challenges also employed the cardo BK-1.

We were happy to sponsor this incredible cycling race and congratulate Christoph Strasser and all winners!

For more RAAM pictures, visit the cardo BK-1 facebook page!


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