cardo BK-1 used by the CT Challenge RAAM Cycling Team on their quest to empower cancer survivors

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RAAM is not only for the young and extreme athletes, it is also challenged by middle-aged family guys too, with a serious goal on their mind – to empower cancer survivors and raise money towards critical research.

Meet the CT Challenge RAAM Cycling Team – 4 dedicated men from the USA competing at this year’s Race Across America to prove how lifestyle modifications can reduce cancer recurrence and improve the quality of life for cancer survivors. The team wish to raise some $150,000 before the end of the race, in less than two weeks. Although not in their 20’s, they are determined to complete the world’s toughest race and make a true difference to people’s lives.

To keep the team connected while they cover 3,000 km across the USA, they are all using cardo BK-1 communication systems. Using the systems, they can mentally support each other during difficult stages, truly share their riding experience and watch each other’s back when the road gets tough.

“The cardo BK-1 technology is indispensable to racing RAAM! We have relied on the 2 way intercoms all day and all night — having that voice in your ear with guidance and inspiration has been remarkable. Just like your own race radio.” (CT Challenge RAAM Team, as posted on their Facebook page)

We are proud to sponsor such a worthy cause and wish the CT Challenge RAAM team a lot of success!

Make sure to follow the cardo BK-1 facebook page and receive daily updates from RAAM!

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