cardo BK-1 – Always in the lead, even at RAAM 2013!

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World’s toughest bicycle race kick started only a few days ago, the competition is on and contestants are giving it their all. As of today, the cyclists leading the race have accomplished way over 1000 miles out of the total 3000 and some have even past the halfway mark.

But that’s not all. The cardo BK-1 communication system is being used by many competing cyclists, both female and male. For example: Christoph Strasser (Austraia) who is currently in the lead, Reto Schoch (Switzerland), Marko Baloh (Slovenia), Gerhard Gulewicz (Austraia), Seana Hogan (USA), Maria Parker (USA) and Cassie Schumacher (USA). And, if you take a look at the updated race leadboard below, all cyclists are in the lead staying connected as they take on this enduring challenge!

We are proud to sponsor this exciting race and invite you to follow the cardo BK-1 facebook page and receive daily updates of all the action! In the meantime, here are some great pictures we had to share with you…

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