cardo BK-1 empowers RAAM cyclists during the toughest bicycle race ever!

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On June 11, hundreds of professional and amateur cyclists will embark on the most enduring sporting event in the world– the Race Across America. Starting in Oceanside, California, the cyclists will be put to the test as they are challenged to cycle 3000 miles  / 4800km across the USA ending only 13 days later in Annapolis, Maryland. Sounds tough? Only the best will survive and the only greatest will win!

This year, the cardo BK-1 is introduced to RAAM racers and team members and adopted by leading cyclists. The system’s hands-free communication features and advanced design improves RAAM racers’ experience like never before, particularly when they need to be in close contact with their crew members (who can also cheer them on during the extra tough parts…).

And that’s not all. According to RAAM Executive Director Rick Boethling, the cardo BK-1 is a superior communication system for cyclists, highly suitable for RAAM racers for better communication and a safer riding experience.

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