Group Cycling Just Got Better With cardo BK-1’s Upgraded Intercom Toggling Feature!

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We are happy to announce that as of now, cardo BK-1 users can enjoy an upgraded intercom toggling feature allowing one-on-one intercom between 5 cyclists, up to 1640 Ft./500 m. This feature introduces two new intercom channels to the cardo BK-1 system (“C” and “D”) and is in addition to the existing 3-way intercom conferencing and Click-to-Link® features.

The upgraded intercom toggling feature is part of the new cardo BK-1 software update, available now for download via the exclusive Cardo Comminuty®. Cardo Community is a unique platform providing BK-1 users the ability to register their product, configure settings and keep up to date with relevant news announcement.

Check out our Interactive Tutorial for instructions on how to use the new intercom toggling feature and we welcome you to share your new group cycling experiences with us on the cardo BK-1 facebook page.

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