Join the Best Cycling Team Challenge – Now on the cardo BK-1 Facebook Page!

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There’s nothing quite like cycling with friends. No matter where you go, you can be sure that your group will have a joker, a cyclists who rides as slow as a snail, a true hipster, an ironman who is always first at the finish line and that guy who insists on shaving his legs before every trip!

Today, we launched an awesome team challenge on our cardo BK-1 facebook page for all cycling lovers out there, especially those who cycle in groups. This challenge will put you and your cycling friends to the test to see just how well you know each other.

The cardo BK-1 team challenge consists of two stages – Firstly form a team amongst your facebook friends, assign typecasts for each team member and invite them to guess which typecast was chosen to describe them. Teams whose members made all the correct guesses will pass on to the second stage in which they will have to convince the Cardo judges why they deserve to win free cardo BK-1 sets for each team member!!!. The more creative you are, the bigger chance you have to win! And there are no limit for your submissions!

The contest will be open until June 28 so don’t waste any time!

Are you up for the challenge? Click here to start! 

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