Cardo is a proud sponsor of the 7th Annual 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

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The 50 mile rider for Rwanda is an annual charitable cycling event. It started 7 years ago as a special 50th birthday celebration and has since become one of the largest mountain bike events in Southern California. The 7th ride will take place on Saturday, April 27th in Foothill Ranch California and some 1000 riders are expected to take part.

The 50 mile ride team tested out the cardo BK-1 DUO before the event and said that the system added a whole new level of fun to their ride: “The good-humored jabs we typically share along a ride could now happen non-stop. Being able to warn a rider behind you about upcoming obstacles, passing hikers, or the occasional wildlife sighting is a definite plus….The BK-1′s are voice-activated, and they go into standby mode when you’re not talking for a while. Which is a good thing on a steep hill – your communication partner doesn’t need to hear you grunting and gasping for air on those sections. For those riders who like to listen to tunes while cycling, the earpiece on these units allow you to hear surrounding sounds in addition to your music – which is a nice safety feature whether you’re riding on the road or in the mountains.”

We at Cardo are proud to sponsor this important event in its efforts to raise money for those less fortunate in Rwanda. To support this cause, we have donated several cardo BK-1 systems which will be used as raffle prizes, helping the fundraising efforts.

Follow the cardo BK-1 facebook page for more info and great pics from Cardo events!


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