Australia’s Durian Rider – Athlete and Health Celebrity Highly Rates the cardo BK-1

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Harley Johnstone, otherwise known as the Durian Rider, is an athlete, cyclist and well know health-lifestyle activist from Australia. Whether cycling for fun or professionally tanning, he makes sure to use the cardo BK-1 to communicate with his cycling partner and listen to music while he rides. As you can see in his review below, Durian highly rates the cardo BK-1 and believes it enhances his cycling experience:

Durian Rider: “It’s great, its hands free, lightweight and pretty slick, you can’t even really tell it on there. It’s fantastic in windy conditions and hills; you can maintain a conversation quite easily… I like the quality of audio, its safe, enhances your communication with the other rider so no more looking over your shoulder or shouting. It adds to a much better experience on two wheels, I rate it highly. I am into gadgets that simplify the athletic lifestyle, this is one such gadget”.

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