Austrian Athlete Joachim Ladler trains for a 6000 km race using the cardo BK-1

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In May 2013, Australian Athlete Joachim Ladler will compete in a 6000 km race across Slovenia.  With high motivation and a strong drive to succeed, Ladler uses the cardo BK-1 for training and day-to-day cycling, benefiting from it tremendously.

“The cardo BK-1 has become my companion since early December 2012. I use it in almost all weather conditions, from light snow and rain to temperatures as low as -8 degrees. When cycling alone, I use the cardo BK-1 to connect to my mobile phone via Bluetooth, make calls and listen to music with excellent audio quality. Using voice command technology I can easily activate the system and even listen to audio books about the latest in the world of cycling. I cannot imagine training without my cardo BK-1.”

As well as being really useful when cycling alone, Ladler also enjoys to share his ride with others, using the cardo BK-1.

“Riding with friends is more fun with the cardo BK-1 because we no longer have to ride side by side on busy roads to talk.”

According to Ladler, as of March 31st it will be prohibited to use a mobile phone when cycling in Austria. The cardo BK-1 is therefore a perfect solution, keeping cyclists connected at all times, without compromising safety or having to stop to use a mobile phones.

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