Cardo Systems Supports the Sturdy Bitch Mountain Bike Racing Team in Their Fight Against Cancer

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Helping the community and those in need has always been very important to us at Cardo. This is why we are happy to support the Sturdy Bitch Racing Team in their fight against cancer.

The Sturdy Bitch Racing Team consists of 5 cyclists whose goal is to promote the sport of mountain biking for women and raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund (

The Team will be organizing a special Breast Cancer Fund auction on February 13 in Seattle, Washington and during this event a cardo BK-1 DUO will be auctioned. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund and will also help the Sturdy Bitch Racing Team raise entry fees for the 2013 BC Bike Race (a 7 day stage race in British Columbia). This will be the Sturdy Bitch Racing Team’s 7th auction in support of this important cause and they are hoping to break $25,000 in donations!

If you happen to be in Seattle, don’t hesitate and stop by! The auction will take place at St. Andrew’s Bar & Grill in Seattle from 7-10pm.

We wish the Sturdy Bitch Racing Team a lot of luck and are happy to help them in the fight against cancer!

Make sure to follow our facebook page for pictures of this special event!

The cardo BK-1 is world’s first Bluetooth Communication and Entertainment system custom made for cyclists. Offering full duplex intercom conferencing between 3 cyclists and Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile phone, GPS and MP3 player, the cardo BK-1 features revolutionizes the cycling experience allowing users to stay connected at all time.

For more info on the cardo BK-1:

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