cardo BK-1 recommended by CBS New York

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The holiday season is finally here, the sales have begun and it’s the perfect time to go gift shopping!  According to CBS New York, the cardo BK-1 Bluetooth communication system for cyclists is one of 7 recommended fitness gadgets and gift ideas.

CBS: “Have you ever gone skiing with a friend or family member and lost track of them? Thanks to this gadget, you can kiss those lost moments goodbye. Think of this gadget as a Walkie Talkie system. You can attach this onto your helmet and then talk to your friend or spouse (while you’re skiing) up to a quarter mile.”

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The cardo BK-1 is world’s first Bluetooth Communication and Entertainment system custom made for cyclists. Offering full duplex intercom conferencing between 3 cyclists and Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile phone, GPS and MP3 player, the cardo BK-1 features revolutionizes the cycling experience allowing users to stay connected at all time.

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