cardo BK-1® launches ‘My favorite cycling place’ photo contest on Facebook, November 26 – December 6. Participate now on:

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We all have a favorite cycling place, a beautiful location we recommend to others and long to return to. Starting November 26 at 09:00 US Eastern time, cardo BK-1 Facebook fans are invited to share their favorite cycling location with us for a chance to win a cardo BK-1 DUO or cardo BK-1 in the ‘My favorite cycling place’ photo contest. The contest will be open to participation until December 6 and will be cardo BK-1’s 2nd facebook contest.

To participate, cardo BK-1 Facebook fans are asked to submit a photo of themselves and their bike at their favorite cycling location by clicking on the contest tab and following the clear instructions. Once submitted, they can share their photo with their Facebook friends and collect votes. The two pictures with the most votes win – 1st place will win a cardo BK-1 DUO and 2nd place will win a cardo BK-1.

This photo contest will reveal many wonderful cycling locations all over the world which can be shared amongst our Facebook fans and hopefully will even be explored by them too!

In September 2012, cardo BK-1 launched its 1st photo contest on Facebook which was a great success. Many cardo BK-1 fans from around the world participated, voted and most importantly were able to learn more about the cardo BK-1 features and benefits for cyclists. Three participants were particularly lucky as their photos gained the most votes winning them a cardo BK-1 and cardo BK-1 DUO!

Would you like to try your luck? Visit the cardo BK-1 Facebook page:, click on the contest tab and get started!


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