The Pyle brothers embark on an epic motorcycling tour across India, using the scala rider G9 communication systems

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Ryan and Colin Pyle, from Toronto Canada, recently embarked on a new 14,000 km motorcycling tour across India. From Manali in the north to Cape Comorin in the very south, the Pyle brothers plan to visit 30 diverse destinations in only 60 days, using the most advanced Bluetooth® communication system available today, the scala rider G9.

With the scala rider G9, Ryan and Colin are able to communicate with each other, even when riding at a distance of 1.6 km/1 mile. The brothers are also able to receive in-the-ear GPS instructions, safely use their mobile phones and even listen to their favorite tunes. And all this, hands free!

As they began their journey, Ryan said: “We are really excited to embark on this expedition together across such an amazing country. The scala rider communication systems have become a vital part of our journey after using them in our 2010 China tour. Thanks to the G9s we can easily and safely stay connected with each other and the world around us. We cannot imagine riding without them”.

Here are some great photos from their adventure so far:

We will be keeping track of the brothers’ progress and will update our fans with more great pictures from their Indian adventure. So let’s cheer them on together!

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