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cardo BK-1 launches its first facebook photo contest Sept 6th 2012

How about winning a brand new cardo BK-1 or a cardo BK-1 DUO?

Starting September 6, we’ve launched our first cardo BK-1 photo contest on facebook called “me and my cycling club”.

You may have seen the  cardo BK-1 ads… We’ve invited cyclists from all over the world to participate in the contest, submitting a photo of themselves cycling with friends.

The two photos who earn the most votes will win a cardo BK-1 DUO (first prize) or cardo BK-1 (second prize) to use in their future rides.

We invite you to visit the  cardo BK-1 contest page, take part in this fun contest and possibly win a cardo BK-1!

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