Looking for a cool biking trip ? Want to meet up with other scala riders near you?

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Check out the cardo communitytm social online platform, get connected with other Bikers from all over the globe, plan a biking tour or join an existing one. This social feature, available in 5 different languages, is a great way to expand your buddy circle and find out about new routs.

You can look up past and future tour routs, get some cool ideas and plan your own group or solo tour whenever you want.

To join the exclusive scala rider community, all you need to do is register online using your scala rider serial number, open a profile and you are good to go. You can also use this platform for future software updates, customize your unit, watch user product tutorials, contact technical support, tune the built-in FM radio , define and update your “One+8” scala rider buddy list and more.

Feel free to communicate with us via Facebook or twitter.


Get on the road and rock out!




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