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cardo BK-1 successfully tested during the CRAFT BIKE TRANSALP 2012


Expert cyclists from around the world who participated in this very prestigious mountain biking event (sponsored by Bike Magazine) were introduced to a new innovative product for the first time –the cardo BK-1 communication system. The cyclists were introduced to the system and to its many abilities and even took it out for a “test ride”.

The cardo BK-1 is the first Bluetooth communication & entertainment system designed specifically to answer cyclists’ needs worldwide. During Transalp 2012, the cardo BK-1 tent, which was operated by Grofa, the local distributor, was set up along the route at every finish stop for cyclists to get a close-up look at the system and a chance to try it out in real time.


The feedback was great! cyclists were impressed by the cardo BK-1’s range of qualities allowing them to talk to their cycling partners, listen to music and even answer incoming mobile phone calls (only if they wish to) without removing their hands from the handlebars. One of them was really surprised that the system was so light and comfortable to ride with. He mentioned that the floating speakers made all the difference – they didn’t bother him and he could still hear what was going around him.


So to sum it up, the cardo BK-1’s first introduction to Transalp was joyful for all the participating sides.


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