The cardo BK-1 Proves Itself Under the Most Grueling Conditions

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Austrian Cyclist, Christoph Strasser, placed second while using the cardo BK-1 in the Race Across America (RAAM), the world’s toughest and longest bike race. The race begins on the west coast and ends on the east coast after covering a distance of 4,810 Kilometers. With more than 30,000 meters of vertical climb and 3,000 meters passing through the Rocky Mountains, including areas such as Monument Valley and the Great Plains in the Midwest, the Race Across America is a real endurance test. Through it all Strasser used the cardo BK-1 to maintain communication with German cyclist Stefan Schlegel and the rest of his team.  “It worked perfectly the entire time and was a real step forward” said Strasser. “Even when we didn’t have a chance to shower and I poured water over my helmet to cool myself down the cardo BK-1 system survived it and I maintained communications with my team perfectly throughout the race.” On his arrival back in Austria Strasser added: “We were surprised to see how good the Communication System actually worked during these extreme circumstances. We will definitely continue to use it and rely on it.”


“With the new cardo BK-1 cyclists get a variety of communication, including an unprecedented mobile platform and  MP3 connectivity! I was impressed to see how versatile and robust the system was in practice under the harshest conditions” said German athlete Stefan Schlegel.


Once again the cardo BK-1 demonstrated that it answers the particular needs of cyclists in all conditions. So if you’re on the road, cycling in the mountains or participating in a triathlon get a cardo BK-1.


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